Weather Almanac for Plainview, MN

Data updated: 05/27/2019 08:22:00 AM

Weather Almanac for Plainview, MN

These tables allow you to, at a glance, browse and compare weather records and averages over the past two-day period; today since midnight, as well as all of yesterday's weather data points.

Some weather data only appears if the conditions existed during this time period; such as wind chill, heat index, rain rates/amounts, etc.

Today's Weather since Midnight

High Temperature60.3°F12:09:08 AM
Low Temperature55.7°F08:09:32 AM
High Dew Point55.2°F07:52:53 AM
Low Dew Point52.7°F02:12:00 AM
High Humidity98%08:12:00 AM
Low Humidity78%12:09:08 AM
High Pressure30.042 inHg12:13:46 AM
Low Pressure29.912 inHg06:14:31 AM
Today's Rain0.15 in.
High Rain Rate0.28 in/h08:06:00 AM
Peak Wind
5 mph07:59:40 AM
Average Wind Speed1 mph
Wind Vector Average Speed1 mph
Wind Vector Average DirectionE(81°)

Yesterday's Weather

High Temperature76.5°F04:03:11 PM
Low Temperature48.4°F04:55:18 AM
High Dew Point57.5°F02:30:04 PM
Low Dew Point46.7°F04:12:08 AM
High Humidity96%04:55:55 AM
Low Humidity48%03:32:58 PM
High Pressure30.132 inHg11:26:35 AM
Low Pressure30.012 inHg01:18:13 AM
Peak Wind
7 mph01:00:20 PM
Average Wind Speed2 mph
Wind Vector Average Speed1 mph
Wind Vector Average DirectionW(261°)